1. Communicate on the Telephone


Performance Criteria

01   Respond to incoming telephone calls 1.1   Calls are answered promptly, clearly and politely in accordance with enterprise standards.

1.2   Friendly assistance is offered to the caller, and the purpose of the call is accurately established.

1.3   Details are repeated to the caller to confirm understanding.

1.4   Callers enquiries are answered or transferred promptly to the appropriate location/person.

1.5   Requests are accurately recorded and passed to the appropriate department/person for follow-up.

1.6   Where appropriate, opportunities are taken to promote enterprise products and services.

1.7   Messages are accurately relayed to the nominated person within designated timelines.

1.8   Threatening or suspicious phone calls are promptly reported to the appropriate person in accordance with enterprise procedures.

02   Make telephone calls 2.1   Correct telephone numbers are obtained.

2.2   Purpose of the call is clearly established prior to calling.

2.3   Equipment is used correctly to establish contact

2.4   Names, company and reason for calling are clearly communicated.

2.5   Telephone manner is polite and courteous at all times.

2. Source and Provide Destination Information and Advice


Performance Criteria

01   Develop destination knowledge 1.1   Information sources for current and accurate. Information on destinations are correctly identified and accessed.

1.2   Information on features of the destination and the general style of tourism products available is obtained.

1.3   Information to meet different customer needs is accurately identified and obtained.

1.4   Information is recorded and stored for future use in accordance with enterprise systems.

02   Update destination knowledge 2.1   Informal and formal research are used to update destination and general product knowledge.

2.2   Feedback on experience with destinations is sought from both colleagues and customers and provided to other organizations where appropriate.

2.3   Updated information is shared with colleagues in accordance with enterprise procedures.



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