1. Plan and Develop Event Proposals and Bids


Performance Criteria

01  Interpret brief. 1.1    Contents of the brief are accurately interpreted and assessed in terms of the organizations capacity to meet the stated requirements.

1.2    Once decision is made to respond, the action required for development of the proposal/bid is identified and planned.

1.3        Where appropriate, liaison is undertaken with the customer to clarify requirements.

02  Develop proposal/bid details. 2.1    Details for inclusion in the proposal/bid are developed after consultation with suppliers and other relevant agencies.

2.2    Options are developed to meet and where possible exceed the expectations of the customer.

2.3    Support for the proposal/bid is sought from relevant individuals and agencies.

2.4        Possible competitors are evaluated and strategies developed to address competitive issues.

03  Develop bid materials. 3.1    Bid materials are prepared within the designated timelines in accordance with the requirements of the brief.

3.2presentation          Materials are presented in a format that maximises the use of and promotional techniques.




    DAY 01

    1. 08.00-09.30 Participant comes to hotel (Grand swiss – Belhotel), to register and check in hotel
    2. 09.30-09.45 Opening ceremony by host (choky sitohang)
    3. 09.45-10.15 Speech from goverment of medan
    4. 10.15-10.28 Speech fom ministry of tourism
    5. 10.28-10.30 Honor by host
    6. 10.30-11.15 Coffee break
    7. 11.15-11.30 Honor by host
    8. 11.30-12.58 Introduction about tourist atraction in indonesia by ministry of tourism
    9. 12.58-13.00 Honor by host
    10. 13.00-13.58 Lunch by catering “Memo Pesta” with perform by Afgan
    11. 13.58-14.00 Honor by host
    12. 14.00-15.00 Back talk about tourist atraction by representative from one of the travel agent in indonesia
    13. 15.00-15.10 Honor by host
    14. 15.10-15.25 Show dance of medan
    15. 15.25-15.35 Perform by rossa
    16. 15.35-15.55 Games ask and answer with participant
    17. 15.55-16.10 To give doorprize
    18. 16.10-16.20 Honr by host
    19. 16.20-16.40 Closing by host

    DAY 02

    1 08.00-09.30 Participant comes to registration again at (Grand swiss – Belhotel)
    2 09.30-09.35 Opening ceremony by host (choky sitohang)
    3 09.35-09.45 Speech by director of company
    4 09.45-10.00 Speech from functionary of company
    5 10.00-10.30 Coffee break
    6 10.30-12.30 Social program charity for orphant
    7 12.30-12.32 Honor by host
    8 12.32-13.30 Lunch at hotel by catering “Memo Pesta” with perform by ecoutez
    9 13.30-13.35 Honor by host
    10 13.35-14.30 Games ask and answer about tourist attraction in indonesia
    11 14.30-14.32 Honor by host
    12 14.32-15.00 Participant leave meeting room and prepare for go to “Alam tangkahan” park
    13 15.00-17.00 Explore around Alam Tangkahan park
    14 17.00-17.10 Back to hotel
    15 17.10-19.00 Break time to participant after that come back to dinner
    16 19.00-20.00 Dinner at hotel with perform by Ecoutez
    17 20.00-20.20 Closing by host

    • seandainya kapasitas venue tersebut bisa menampung peserta conference maka bisa dilaksanakan di hotel tsb,perhatikan daya tampungnya lebih dulu,seandainya di kota penyelenggara tidak ada venue yang bisa untuk jumlah sebanyak tsb maka boleh dipisah2 dengan demikian maka tema conference setiap venue harus disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan peserta tour.

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